WIFI Phones – No Cable Necessary

Voice Over IP Keeps Getting Better and Better

Grandstream has introduced their WIFI phones for Voice Over IP. This is fantastic news to the business owner. Did you ever need to add a phone? What is the first step? Make sure there is a data cable there. Of course there isn’t so you have to schedule the cable installer to come out and install one adding $150.00 to the cost of the phone. These days are over. Tampa VoIP is happy to save our customers a bundle.

Opening A New Office

When opening a new office in the Tampa Bay area, cutting cost is paramount. You can plan on spending at least $150.00 for data cabling at every location you plan on installing a phone. If you have a secure WIFI network in place you can simply install Grandstream’s GXP1760W and forget about the cable. I personally use this phone on my desk and have never received a complaint about call quality. If you decide to use this phone on a data cable it is not an issue as it has a gigabyte POE jack with pass-through. All this for about $100.00. Unbelievable!!!

Grandstream Has A Complete Solution

Tampa Voip has setup many offices with Grandstream’s complete network solution. This includes the GWN7000 Router with built in WIFI Access Controller. Plug in the GWN7610 Access Points and they are auto-discovered by the router. Add an SSID and Password and you are up and running. Each GWN7610 can handle up to 250 simultaneous connections so you really don’t have to worry about oversubscribing.


Setting up phone service has never been easier. We pre-configure our solutions before we arrive at your site so we spend a minimum time disrupting your work flow. The last site with 10 phones took less than an hour to be up and running. Of course training and fine tuning may take awhile but the heavy lifting is done. If you want to find out how Tampa VoIP can save you a bundle, Give us a call. 813-852-2222.

Drew Martin