The Modern Fax Solution

The Modern Fax Solution

No, Faxing is not dead. It is alive and well. Welcome to the Modern Fax Solution.

At least once a week I get the question, “Do I need a Fax Machine”. My typical response is, “Let me explain to you what is available and you decide”.

When a potential client is converting their traditional telephone service to VoIP (Voice Over IP) they want to totally eliminate all their services with the local carrier with the exception of the Internet connection. They  want one company for all their telecom services. 

Not too long ago FoIP(Fax over IP) was an inconsistent solution but due to advancements in technology it is superior to an analog fax line from the local carrier.

So what is the Modern Fax Solution? In the modern office it is a waste of time for a worker to get up from their workspace and walk over to the fax machine to send or receive a fax. While on their way over and back they have to discuss their weekend and grab a donut in the break room. 

With the modern fax solution workers can send or receive a fax from their email by simply attaching the document or while actually in the document click “Print” and a Fax option opens with a place to insert the number and cover page message. So instead of printing the document, waste paper, walk to the fax machine, waste time, you simply send it from your desktop when ready.

In addition to this you also have a fax portal that is accessed through you browser. In the browser you can look at the history of all faxes sent and received. Never lose another fax. Wandering what time a fax was sent or received is easily determined and ready to be printed if necessary. In addition to this you can send faxes directly from the portal.

Finally, if you need the good old dependable fax machine we can use our VoIP Gateway that simulates an analog line. What is different is even though you send the fax from the fax machine, there is still a copy of the sent and received faxes in the portal. Best of both worlds and I might add this is all less expensive than a traditional fax line from the local carrier.

To me it’s a no brainer. Save money on toner, paper, fax machine maintenance and employee efficiency while having the best of both worlds. 

Call us today to start saving time and money with a Modern Fax Solution from Tampa VoIP.

Drew Martin