Hurricanes? No Problem with VoIP

Hurricane VoIP Disaster Recovery

Hurricane Season officially begins in Florida on June 1st. I was raised in Tampa and lived here most of my life and have seen several hurricanes and tropical “No Name” storms come and go. We all know the impact this can have on our businesses, such as flooding, no power or no internet. Question is what do we do about it?

So this falls under the category of Disaster Recovery. I know every business owner thinks about this and has a DR plan in place. You know the drill. All servers and battery backups are not sitting on the ground, all data backed up off site. But what about the phones?

If you have a legacy telephone system this could be a true disaster in the making. First, if you are not sure the storm is going to hit and wait you may not be able to return to your building due to flooding or power lines down to forward your calls. Also getting a hold of Frontier or Spectrum to open a ticket. Good Luck. Last year when Irma came through they had a recorded message on due to all the calls. So after you get back into your building you find out all that telephone equipment on the wall needs to be replaced and again you are informed by your telephone vendor that it will be a week or so to get new equipment and there are many other customers in the same situation.

With #Hosted Phones this scenario will never happen. Hosted Voice Over IP phones should be part of every DR plan in Florida especially when you live in Tampa Bay.

First, there is no telephone equipment on the wall to get damaged by water or lightning or surges from the power company fixing down power lines. Second, you can simply text or email our support team to let us know you want to change your Auto Attendant message or forward your phones to a cell phone or answering service. Third, you could actually unplug your VoIP phone or use your soft-phone on your laptop to make and receive calls from home. and forth, as soon as you can return to your business and power and internet are up, your phones are working.

If you are not on VoIP in the Tampa Bay area please contact me ( so I can show you how easy it is to convert to Voice oOver IP and you will probably save some moo-la in the process.#tampavoip #voip #hosted phones # hosted pbx

Drew Martin