Hosted VoIP vs Traditional PBX

There Is No Debate

The debate is over. Traditional telephone systems are living on borrowed time. Just look at the Giants that have gone into bankruptsy. Nortel, Avaya and a list of others nobody even remembers. Even the IP PBX is struggling for market share. Anyway you slice it, Hosted Phones have a powerful value proposition.

In days gone by installing a telephone system was a very complex  and expensive undertaking. First it required a separate copper cable at each location so your structured wiring cost twice as much. Then you have to buy the actual telephone system and have it installed. Then you had to pay a technician to come out every time you needed to add, move or change something. Oh and let’s not forget the software upgrades and annual maintenance agreements. Then you had to dedicate space for this equipment and pay for the electricity to power the monster on the wall.

Then comes the most fun part of all, dealing with the local telephone company to bring those lines in. I can’t tell you how many times I heard, Oh we only bring the lines to here, It’s the vendors responsibility to ….. Fill in the blank.

In addition to this there is no comparison when it comes to feature sets. Voicemail to Email, Unified Communications, Connecting Remote Workers, Integrating multiple offices, CMR Integration, the list goes on and on.

Finally, working with a company like #Tampa VoIP, you are able to have a single point of contact for all your communication needs. Internet, Fax or E-Fax, Conferencing, Hosted Phones, DID or Toll Free Numbers, We can have them provisioned and functioning in minutes. Telecommunications has never been so simple.

You want to free up some closet space? Give us a call!!

Drew Martin