Hosted Phone-Small Business Advantage

Why are Hosted Phones a Small Business Advantage?

The answer to this is really quite simple. When you invest in a Hosted Phone service in Tampa Bay it does not matter whether you have 2 phones or 2000 phones. The feature set is the same for all of the businesses. When you sign up for Tampa VoIP’s Hosted Service you get our complete feature set which includes everything. Auto Attendant, Call Queues, Call Recording, UC Application, or Conferencing. It is all there from the beginning no matter how large your organization. I always thought that this was obvious but I get asked once a week, “Does this include?” fill in the blank. The answer is “Yes, all those features are included”.

Why is Purchasing a PBX a Cost Disadvantage?

The answer to this is also quite simple. You pay up for features and quality when you purchase a Premise Based Solution. When purchasing a PBX it is like car shopping. Do you need the KIA economy car, the luxury SUV, the plush Mercedes or maybe even the rugged Jeep Wrangler. Take NEC for instance. They have their NEC SL2100 which is great for most businesses but you can also get their SV9100 which has the nicer more expensive phones and is more expandable and can only be purchased through a Authorized Dealer with quarterly quotas. Or maybe you are really profitable and elect the Cisco Call Manager. In all the choices above you pay up for features and quality. With Hosted Phones you get all the features and quality for the same price.

Do Your Homework

If you are opening a new business, relocating your business or outgrown your old phone system in Tampa Bay, make sure you have your communications consultant prepare a ROI analysis for both a Hosted Phone Solution and a new PBX. Capitol expense on a hosted solution is less than half the cost of a PBX. When I prepare a Good, Better, Best Quote for a potential customer the features are always the same. The only difference in the quotes are the phones they actually put on their desk. In some cases they doesn’t even need a phone as they use our free soft-phone. OK, that’s another blog post subject. Remember, “We Want You To Love Your Phones”!!!

Drew Martin