Faxing in Healthcare

Is Faxing Dead?

For the last 20 years I have been hearing that the fax machine is going away. They are not as popular as they use to be but there are still very few offices that are without. A large part of our customers are part of the  healthcare industry and still depend on fax machines to transmit health records to hospitals and referring physicians offices.

With the advancements in technology such as Voice Over IP the big telephone system in the closet no longer is found but that big old clunky fax machine lives on. The daily routine of changing toner cartridges and adding paper continues. Many large corporations have staff that do nothing but maintenance on these beast. So why hasn’t the fax machine kept pace with technology especially in healthcare?

Can you say HIPAA? You see, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as the HITECH Act govern healthcare organizations. These organizations dictate how you  transmit sensitive data. The fax machine is still the king. When it comes to moving documents from one place to another it remains the universal standard.

Although many in the healthcare industry would like to see the end of the fax machine, that end is no where in site. It is estimated that 75% of all medical document transmissions are through fax machines. Although fax machines use a lot of consumables and take up space they get the job done and everyone knows how to use one.

The good news is a total fax solutions such as Max Fax help to keep paper and consumable cost down while at the same time providing a more modern way to handle sensitive documents.  Misfiled or misplaced documents, incomplete information is virtually eliminated.

In todays world, data encryption is of utmost importance. With a reliable cloud fax service, HIPAA standards for protecting patient data will also be met. Services like Max Fax helps the healthcare industry to make the transition simple and effortless.

If you would like more information on how we can help streamline your organizations faxing system, Please give us a call. You will be glad you did.

Drew Martin