Conference Bridge? You Need One.

Often times I get a call from a customer that is sitting in their conference room trying to add multiple parties to their Polycom Conference Phone. I then have to explain to them that a Conference Phone is not actually designed to add multiple parties. It is designed so all the people in the conference room can speak in a normal tone and hear the other person well.

So what is the easiest way to create a Conference Call without putting people on hold and fearing for your life that you may disconnect the CEO? USE A CONFERENCE BRIDGE!!!

With a Conference Bridge everyone on the Conference Call dials a toll free number then enters a PIN and presto, they are connected.

With #Tampavoip #Conference Bridge you can have many Conference Rooms within the bridge. This is convenient so that multiple teams in the organization can have conferences going on at the same time. 

Do not fall for the “Free” conference bridges out there. They are all over subscribed and the call quality is poor. This is by design so you will upgrade to the paid subscription.

If you wish to test our solution, gives us a call and we will give you a free month just to play with. You will be glad you did!!!

Drew Martin