Benefits of Using VoIP in Your Law Firm

Benefits of Using VoIP in Your Law Firm

What are the Benefits of Using a Hosted VoIP Phone Service in your Law Office?

A Hosted VoIP phone solution in a law office can transform the way you communicate with a host of
benefits unheard of in traditional telephony. Built in Chat Client, Drag and
Drop Conferencing and integration tools for CRM and Skype for Business are just
a couple.

From the very beginning VoIP saves you money. The traditional lines that you have been paying
Frontier or Spectrum for go away. No more $55.00 dollars a month per line plus
long distance charges. With a hosted service your telephone numbers are included
in the service and there are no long distance charges. In addition to this
there is no longer a telephone system to purchase and maintain. All you have is
the phone on your desk. Simple and Easy Peasy.

With our award winning Communicator App the ability to contact your co-workers or partners is simply a
click away. With our built in Status you can tell who is on the phone, Out of
the Office, Watching a webinar or in Do Not Disturb. If you wish to contact
them just chat them up or if they are out of the office, simply right click and
call their cell. There is really no escape. With the Communicator Go Cell Phone
App your cell phone becomes your office phone. Staying connected to your staff
and clients has never been easier. It is truly amazing.

VoIP’s Productivity Features

VoIP has a amazing amount features that will help improve the way you communicate in a law office.

By switching to a VoIP phone solution, you can give your law office the tools needed to transform
communication with your staff and clients. Auto Attendants, Ring Groups, Call
Forwarding, Music On Hold and Voicemail, all standard features. The features
that set VoIP apart are Call Recording, Chat, Conferencing, Call Records,
Soft-phone Apps and the integration list changes daily. I’ll discuss that later
as it is a subject unto it’s own.

Call Records

Call Records are usually pretty important to Law Firms as they often bill by the hour or minute.
Having quick and easy access to these records is handy. Another great feature
is the ability to record calls. You can do this ad hoc with the click of a
mouse or just have all calls recorded with the disclaimer of course. I realize
i’m talking to attorneys here.

Auto Attendants

The Auto Attendant feature is a great feature but with VoIP you get the enhanced version. We
typically have four set up. Day, Night, Holiday and Hurricane Mode. You know
those days when you need to leave early and nobody knows why days. And when
that inclement weather comes in you will be glad you have VoIP with #Tampa
VoIP. Just give us a call or send support an email and we can reroute all you
calls to cell phones or where ever you wish.

Voicemail To Email

Voicemail to Email allows you to receive voicemail notifications via emails or smartphones. Using
the voicemail to email feature will enable you to receive voicemails as
attachments to your emails. You will have the ability to listen to the messages
anywhere and at any time. As soon as you leave the court room your up to date
on missed calls and voicemail.

Can a VoIP System Integrate?

Tampa VoIP’s hosted Solution can integrate with third party CRM solutions. Salesforce, Sugar,
Outlook, Zoho, Bullhorn, Zendesk, MS Dynamics Skype… The list keeps growing

In addition to these CRM’s our Communicator Application integrates to your browser. Any telephone
number that appears on a website or application in your browser, gives you the
ability to simply right click it and it is auto dialed for you. No more looking
back and forth between the phone and screen as you manually dial the number. I
mean come on people, we have been to the moon and back. This is just scratching
the surface.


If you are a Law Firm and have not made the move to Voice Over IP you should give it serious
consideration. As they say, “if you are not moving forward you are backing up”.
Let us help you transform the way you communicate and move into the future.

Drew Martin