Awesome, Inexpensive, IP-PBX

What Is The Big Deal?

Starting a new business in Tampa or wanting to migrate to Voice Over IP? The Grandstream UCM IP-PBX series delivers a powerful unified communications platform. This award winning box of dynamite is available for, are you ready for this, less than $500.00 bucks.

How Many Phones Can I Put On It?

This little puppy will handle up to 500 telephones and 30 concurrent calls. What, did I say 500? That’s right. It has been amazing to watch these devices get smaller and smaller and provide more features as they do. The big brother UCM 6500 can handle 2000 telephones and 200 concurrent calls.

What Else Does This Puppy Do?

This is a true Unified Communication Platform. It provides 3 Conference Bridges with up to 25 participants. Built in is easy integration to most common CRM’s such as Outlook and Salesforce. Also, built in integration to PMS if you are running a motel with Wake Up Call and Room Ready features.

All the common features are in this such as Auto Attendant, Call Queues, Ring Groups. No point in boring you with a long list.


This big dog allows you to run Grandstream’s award winning Wave application on your IPhone or Android and have simultaneous ring with your deskphone so you never miss a call. In addition to this you can register multiple phones to the same extension. Why is this important you say? You would have the ability to ring your deskphone in the office, your cell phone and a phone at home all at the same time. Never miss a call.

Licensing Software and Upgrades?

There are NONE!!! ZERO!!! You get everything out of the box. Nothing to turn on. No licenses to order. No annual maintenance fees. Grandstream provides all their firmware to the public on their public website for all of their products.


If your business is in the Tampa Bay Area and are looking for a powerful Voice Over IP solution that is feature rich, dependable and won’t break the bank, consider Grandstream’s UCM 6202. Tampa VoIP is an authorized reseller for Grandstream.

Drew Martin