6 Ways to Use Tampa VoIP’s Mobile App During Your Workday

6 Ways To Use Tampa VoIP’s Mobile App

We’re very excited that Tampa VoIP’s new mobile app is now available for all our customers!

The Communicator app synchronizes your business phone with your iOS or Android phone. No need to forward calls to your personal cell phone number. With Communicator, you’ll stay connected to your co-workers and clients just by using your smartphone.

Download Tampa VoIP’s Communicator app on your cell phone and begin to enjoy these benefits throughout your workday:

Your Smartphone is your Office

Your Smartphone and your office desk phone are now integrated. Any call placed to your extension number in the office now rings on your cell phone Communicator app. Co-Workers don’t have to decide if they need to call you cell phone number to get in touch with you. If your Co-Workers have a call to transfer to you, they simply transfer it to your extension as if you were in the office. If you have a direct number (DID) it will ring directly to your Communicator app.

Visual Voicemail Anywhere

 The Communicator app displays all your voicemail messages in the Voicemail tab. The visual list of your new and old voicemails makes viewing voicemail a snap.

Messages are listed in two columns for New and Old and categorized by the date and time they were left. New messages are easily identified so you immediately know which messages are new. When you open a message, you’ll be able to listen to that message, call the person back, and delete or save the message.

You can play and delete your voicemails in the Communicator app.

While voicemail to email is certainly a helpful feature, accessing your voicemail as if you were in the office sitting at your desk makes the workday less stressful. You get immediate notification of messages and the simplicity of not having to call in or open a media player on your cell phone. Life Is Good!!!

Status of Co-Workers at a Glance

The Status or Presence of all your Co-Workers is available at a glance. Simply touch the icon for the person you wish to speak with as if you were in the office. No calling in through an auto attendant or getting transferred. It’s all about productivity and making it simple to communicate. In today’s business climate being able to get an immediate response to a question can make you a zero or a hero to your customer. Mobile Workers will feel like they are truly connected to the office.

Integrate Your Contacts

Placing calls to clients is as simple as calling a co-worker in the office. Communicator automatically integrates with your Contact List and puts it in a handy Directory within the app. In addition to this you can place your frequent contacts in the Favorites Tab.

In addition to simplicity, one of the big advantages to this is when you place calls through the Communicator app it shows your office number and not your personal cell phone number.

Joining Conferences

Communicator allows you to join existing static and dynamic conferences on the system, check conference participants and invite new users to the conference. Depending on assigned conference privileges, you can also mute and kick conference members.

On-Line Self Help

Have you ever been out of the office and wanted to forward your phone to a team member while you are on vacation? This is now easy peasy!! Simply go to the Self Help Tab and click on Call Forwarding. Just don’t want to take calls for awhile simply click Do Not Disturb.

Twenty minutes with a cup of Starbucks undisturbed makes my afternoon more productive and is great for my attitude if you know what I mean!

Tampa VoIP’s Mobile Communicator App Brings Your Business Phone Right onto Your Smartphone

If your telephone system is not delivering these business enhancing features, please consider us to help guide you. We want to Transform The Way You Communicate!!!

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