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  • Never Buy Another Phone System
  • Never Pay for Another Service Call
  • Never Pay for Installation
  • Never Sign a Contract

Business Owners,
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Frustrating Customers because of your phones?"
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 Hosted VoIP Solutions!!!

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Tampa VoIP's communication solution is a software suite developed by Bicom Systems, from essentials like PBXware to Unified Communications Apps like Communicator & Communicator GO.

Comprenhensive, Productive, Effective, Turnkey Solution For Your Business Communication Needs!

  • Small and Medium Size Business
  • Call Center Solution
  • Free Consultation, Deployment and Training




  • Unlimited Calling
  • No DID Number
  • No Communicator Application




  • Unlimited Calling
  • Includes DID Number
  • Includes Communicator Application




  • Unlimited Calling
  • Includes DID Numbers
  • Includes Communicator Application
  • Includes Cell Phone App
Lower Cost
Without the need to buy or maintain PBX
hardware, you get to save those costs.
Savings of 30% to 50% are common for
Tampa VoIP customers who made the switch.
Advanced Features
Your Hosted PBX is one of the most advanced Cloud UCAAS Systems on the planet. We are constantly adding new features and with the integration of AI the sky is the limit.
Easy Integration
Our Hosted VoIP service integrates with
CRMs, Helpdesk, and other everyday
applications for efficient communication,
sales, and support.
Why Choose Tampa VoIP Hosted PBX

We were looking for a partner who could provide a reliable VoIP solution

"m-ize is a growing software company and we were looking for a reliable VoIP solution to support our growth. Tampa VoIP team has been a great partner for the last few years and kept us up to date on new developments in VoIP technology."

Ashok Kartham  //  Founder of M-ize

Outstanding customer service and technical solutions.

Tampa VoIP provides outstanding customer service and technical solutions. Drew Martin and his staff are top notch professionals with an excellent track record in resolving complex issues/problems. Bottom line, my customer experience with Tampa VoIP has been second to none. Highly Recommended."

Chuck Perkins  //   Systems Administrator - Arma Aviation