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Hosted Phones & Premise PBX

Reliability and Mobility are standard features
with our Cloud-based phone service.

Hosted PBX

Hosted  is the latest technology in business phone systems. It provides a solution that uses your internet connection and the power of the
cloud to provide your business with feature-rich voice solutions – usually with more
reliability and lower costs. No need to manage expensive equipment or hardware
on-site. We manage the whole system and make sure it works so you can stay busy
managing your business or taking care of more important IT projects.

Benefits of Hosted VoIP

Lower Costs

Without the need to buy or maintain PBX
hardware, you get to save those costs.
Savings of 30% to 50% are common for
Tampa VoIP customers who made the switch.

Advanced Features

VoIP phones come standard with advanced
call routing features and integrations that
increase productivity and deliver superior
call quality.

Easy Integration

Our Hosted VoIP service integrates with
CRMs, Helpdesk, and other everyday
applications for efficient communication,
sales, and support.

Why Choose Tampa VoIP Hosted PBX

Flexible, Affordable -

We offer Hosted PBX for a low monthly cost per user so you can pay for what you need and add more users when you need them.

Features for Modern Business -

Features like Advanced Call Forwarding and Find Me/ Follow me make it easy to work from your desk phone or your iPhone; all configurable and at no extra charge.

Free Installation -

Never pay for installation and service. Includes free user & administrator training and 24/7/365 live support.

Broadband Flexibility -

Provide your own connection, or use MegaPath networks. With Tampa VoIP business internet we guarantee the voice Quality of Service and Hosted PBX uptime.

We Have the HD Quality Phones

Select from an array of HD Voice and multimedia phones with advanced features and exceptional call quality.

Sound More Professional -

Features like guaranteed quality and professional voice recordings from Snap Recordings make you sound professional on every call.

One Provider = Less Hassle -

We offer everything a business needs to stay connected, letting you simplify your life by working with a single provider.

We’re Consultants -

We build solutions. Leverage our team of experts for any business communication need - whether or not it’s related to the way you work with us.


Learn More About Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX  & Hosted VoIP

Hosted PBX, Virtual PBX, and Hosted VoIP all refer to the same thing. A Hosted PBX is a service that allows routing of voice communication by hardware that does not physically reside at the location where calls are being made and received. Thus, the hardware that routes calls for your business is “hosted” by a service provider. Hosted VoIP is a related and synonymous term because Hosted PBX requires voice communication to come over an internet line (not a phone line).
In layman’s terms, it takes some technology to properly route phone calls when they come into your business. That technology used to be a physical box at your location, and in some cases still is. Thanks to the internet, you don’t need to worry about that box because it’s owned and maintained by a service provider. You use the hosted PBX via the internet, in much the same way you don’t need to have a server in a closet to house your digital files. Nowadays you can access them remotely, using the internet with a system and environment that is commonly called “the cloud.”

Benefits of Hosted PBX

So, what makes Hosted PBX so great? As described above, you don’t need to have hardware on-premise to get the features that come with it, like call routing, extensions, hold, call forwarding, etc. There are many other benefits of hosted PBX outlined below.

  • Cost Savings - Physical hardware is costly to purchase and maintain. Hosted solutions allow you to cut those costs altogether.
  • No Maintenance - Hardware is hosted off-site so you don’t need IT resources for an enterprise-grade phone solution.
  • Scalability - Since these systems are virtual, it’s much easier to add lines and set up new branches, allowing you to pay for what you need and expand with growth.
  • Work Mobile - When your phone system is virtual, you aren’t limited to the office. You can set up systems to route calls to cell phones and set up individual remote workers.
  • Sound More Professional - Hosted VoIP includes features like call routing and forwarding, giving your business a more professional feel over the phone.
  • User-Friendly - End-user management is done through easy-to-use web interfaces, reducing the need for specialized skills to monitor or change your system.


$ 19
  • Unlimited Calling
  • No DID Number
  • NO Unified Communication


$ 21
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Includes DID Number
  • NO Unified Communication


$ 24
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Includes DID Number
  • Includes Unified Communication

Is Hosted VoIP Right for My Business?

The availability and efficiency of a hosted PBX system is subject to variables, like the location of your physical address, how new your infrastructure is, and the speed of your internet connection.

In theory, hosted PBX reduces cost by eliminating the need to maintain physical hardware at your location; but every location is different. In some cases, an on-premise PBX system (not hosted) may be superior. If you don’t have a strong internet connection at your place of business, you may not be able to support a Hosted PBX system, which relies on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Since Hosted PBX relies on the internet to provide service, it’s only as strong (or weak) as your data connection and in cases of very poor internet can’t be supported at all.

At Tampa VoIP, we consult with you to find the right solution so there’s no risk of matching a weak data connection with a VoIP system that can’t handle it. 

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