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Healthcare and Voice Over IP

Being able to communicate in the health care profession is often a matter of life and death. With patients safety on the line it is important to be able to communicate internally and externally. The information that doctors and health care professionals share must be  understood 100 percent of the time. #Tampa VoIP takes this responsibility seriously.

Whether in a hospital environment or a doctors office #voice over IP advanced Unified Communication features help the health care industry  operate with a high level of accomplishment and confidence. Getting the attention of the proper person quickly is one of the features that lends itself to VoIP. Simultaneous ringing between desk phone and cell phone, Instant Chat and Voice Mail to Email are just a few of the features.

Other features such as SMS Texting really lend themselves to Health care. Notifying patients of their appointments via SMS allows the patient to be notified on their cell phone. Studies show that people respond to text almost immediately and the person doing the scheduling are much more efficient when receiving immediate feedback from the patient.

The final item is the good old FAX. With Tampa VoIP’s Max Fax solution fax security is improved and archiving is done all in one step.

#Tampa VoIP has made it our priority to offer the best Voice, Data, Texting and Faxing Services available in the industry. If you are looking for a company that can help bring your doctors office up to speed or network several of them together, give us a call!!!

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